Tamil Birthday Song | Lyric Video | Jerard – Karky – Deepak – Roe Vincent

Has the regular “Happy Birthday” song in English lost its charm for you?
“பிறந்தநாள் பாடல்” is a short and sweet birthday song penned in Tamil by Madhan Karky. The song has a fresh and light feel to it, making it perfect for celebrating birthdays with dear ones. With its catchy tune and simple lyrics, this song will have everyone singing along and enjoying our loved ones’ special days! 🎁

பிறந்தநாள் பாடல்
Tamil Birthday Song

Song Credits
Composer : Jerard felix
Lyrics : Karky
Singer : Deepak, Roe Vincent & Jerard Felix
Mix and master by : Thiru ( green valley studios )
Label : Paa Music

Visual Credits
AI Images : Studio Shades
Lyric Video : Studio Shades

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