Siddhi Vinayakam Anisham (Shanmugapriya) || Muthuswamy Dikshitar || Lyrics video with Tamil meaning

‘Siddhi vinayakam anisham’ is a kriti from Dikshitar’s famous ‘Shodasa Ganapati kritis’, composed on the sixteen (Shodasa) forms of Lord Ganesha located in shrines around his birthplace Tiruvarur. This kriti refers to the ‘Siddhi Vinayaka’ form.

In this kriti, Dikshitar sings praises on Lord Vinayaka as the one ‘worshipped by Siddhas, Yakshas, Kinnara; who is the centre of Mulapankaja; revered by Krishna the younger brother of Balaraama; the son of the daughter of Mount Himavan – Parvati, elder brother of Cupid-like Guruguha, and so on.’

Singer: Sudha Raghunathan
Raga: Shanmugapriya
Lyrics: Muthuswamy Dikshitar
Language: Sanskrit




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