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All Glory and Honour be to Triune God The Father Son Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit!!

TESTIMONY on the origination of this song

This is the first song which God gave me on the evening of 31st August 2018 when I was at my Office where I was pondering over an email which was published with a list of promotions for that cycle.
I had questions and confusions in my mind as to why things were getting delayed for me? I was waiting for my elevation and the waiting period was too long and it was already 8.5 years at that point in time.
I started singing the full song with lyrics and tune. I felt that God was putting a New Song in my mouth as I had heard testimony of my maternal aunt who had a similar experience. So, I immediately picked up my phone and recorded it. When I listened to this song it was an answer to most of my other questions apart from my question on my Career Growth.
God had put another English song which said “Be Still and Know that I am God” the same night when I returned home. The lyrics and tune were completely different from this one but the message it conveyed was that God is in control of everything.
Since this was a completely new experience for me, I had asked God for a sign to speak to me with His Word.
On the following day, before Meditating the Bible for that day, I prayed that God clearly speaks with the Word which should align with the English Lyrics.
To my astonishment, the verses in the English song says like this “I died for you and pardoned you and by my stripes you are healed” The verses which I meditated that day was from Isaiah Chapters 53 and 54. This was not by chance I picked them but per the sequence which I was meditating to complete the entire Bible reading.
He clearly spoke through Isaiah 53:5 which says
“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed”.
The entire chapter 53 explains How Jesus Christ died for our sins to pardon and give His Salvation.
As we end this Year and expect the New Year Ahead with lots of Anticipation, let us wait upon Him.
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

As we enter a New Year 2023 with dreams and anxiety on what the future holds for us, let us Be Still and Know that Jesus Christ is Alive and He is God!!

Worship instead of Worrying
Praise as you Wait
Thank instead of Grumbling

Put your Trust in Him
And Watch Him changing your
Tribulations to Triumph
Your Tears to Joy
Your Shame to Fame

He will do things that are beyond your capability. Keep Praising, Praying and Meditating His Words

May the Lord speak through this song and provide an assurance on His Plan in His Appointed Time

LYRICS ( Also sharing the translation of the meaning of this song for those who have difficulty in understanding Tamil)

அமர்ந்திருந்து நானே தேவன் என்று தெரிந்துக்கொள்வாய்
Amarndhirundhu Naanae Dhaevan Endru Therindhukkollvaai
Be Still and Know that I am God

அமர்ந்திரு நீ என் பாதத்திலே
Amarndhiru Nee En Paadhaththilae
Be Still at my Feet
தரித்திரு நீ வேத தியானத்திலே
Thariththiru Nee Vaedha Dhyaanaththilae
Be Still in Meditating the Bible
ஜெபித்திடு நீ தூய ஆவியாலே
Jebiththidu Nee Thooya Aaviyaalae
Pray in the Holy Spirit
பெற்றிடு நீ வல்லமையை
Pettridu Nee Vallamayai
Receive the Power of God

போராட்டம் பதற்றங்களோ?
Poraattam Padhattrangallo?
Struggles and Anxiety?
உன் வாழ்வே கெள்வியானதோ?
Un Vaazhvae Kaelllviyaanadho?
Has your life become a big question?

விசுவாசித்தால் தேவனின் மகிமையை காண்பாய்
Visuvaasiththaal Dhaevanin Magimayai Kaanbaai – 4
If you believe you will see the Glory of God

முடியாததும் எட்டாததுமான காரியங்கள் செய்திடுவேன்
உனக்கு முடியாததும் உனக்கு எட்டாததுமான காரியங்கள் செய்திடுவேன்
Mudiyaadhadhum Ettaadhadhumaana Kaariyangall Seidhiduvaen Unakku
Mudiyaadhadhum Unakku Ettaadhadhumaana Kaariyangall Seidhiduvaen
I will do great and mighty things which are impossible for you

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Credits :
Lyrics, Tune and Sung by Deborah Ranjith
Music Arranged, Mix & Mastered by Rejinath @ Reji music studio
Video Edited by Mathew Wilson @ RiseCreations
Video Image/Clip Courtesy – Pexels, Pixabay




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