January 25, 2022

The Karen Song by Gill The iLL (Lyrics Video)

Karen Song:
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Here’s the lyrics video of Karen Song so you can sing along while Karen is calling the manager! 😀
If you love Karen videos and compilations and love watching Karen on camera, you would love this song! This song OWNED Karen! If there is one thing good about 2020, it’s that we have all decided to not be quiet about the Karens of the world. There are so many compilations of Karens on TikTok and other social media. So, this is my tribute to 2020, as much as I want it to end. I am releasing a new pop song this year in 2020 and I really really really hope you like it! To all the Karens of the world – Stop the drama and your freakouts with your dogs, in the parking lots, in stores, calling 911 or managers, shouting at the top of your voice! Just live and let live. Peace out!

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