June 5, 2020

O Jana – Yo Yo*Rap*King* (Official Lyrics Video Song 2019)

O Jana – Lyrics

Hindi Rap –

Jab se fasle bade,
Hum roye hum lade,
Hum jage na soye,
Hum door door the khade
Ego bade dil chote
Jaise sikhe ho khote,
Jo khawb nind no chod ke gaye,
Woh wapas fir na lote

Aaj kya hai Tere mere pass
Tere mere halat bhi hai saath
Shaja lagti hai har saans
Har saans ke saath bade ehsaas,
Kuch khas baat hai tuje main Jo
Baaki ladkiyo mein dikhti nahi
Kyu ki koi aur mere liye messages bhi likhti nahi
Muze pata hai main duniya ke liye hoon ek sirf ek rapper
Aaj main hoon to Kal koi aur mohjud hoga Meri jagha par
Par dil mein Tere Meri jagha rahegi maqsoos
Lok sirf sunte hai muze tune kiya mehsoos

Zindgi baaki hai kam
Aur yeh hai waqt ke hukum
Ke tu aur main nahi ho payenge kabhi bhi hum
Meri majburi ko magroori mat samjo Jana
Zindgi yeh hi to hai aana aur chale jana.

English Rap –

Satring out the window pane wating for a better day
Though its been years it seems like yesterday
Cold nights hand in hand
Paradise no human land

I’m feeling down with a sickness and
I feel so done
Can’t even believe that
Its really all gone
Gone miles with
The wind
Even if i wish it back
Won’t bring it back again

Girl I can see it in your
Eyes that you’re scared
When the hell was coming
Down you were unprepared
I needed the deck of aces
I was unaware
Its the coldest of truths
We breath in the same air
I played and I saw you scatter
Now I can not believe
That I had her
I ad the love that wouldn’t
Come to me if I had to
Walk a thousand miles
But I fucked up
Now I’m cuffed up r
Eminiscing old times
Putting my head in your lap
Under the clod pines
Who knew I was planting
Them land mines
And you stepped on’em
You were probing no sings
Oh my
Now I hate myself when
I think
I could’ve been the one to put
The diamonds ring in your finger
But see the love wasn’t a
Fucking thing to me
Now sssshhh let this titanic sink!