August 13, 2020

Is Shaan-E-Karam Ka Kya Kehna with Lyrics | Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan | Sufi Qawwali | Islamic Songs

Sing Along this beautiful Qawwali Song ‘Is Shaan-E-Karam Ka इस शाने करम का’ composed and sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. May Allah shower His blessings on you.

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Song Credits :
Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Music Director: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Lyrics: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Film: Kachche Dhaage

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Song Lyrics:

Nawaazta Hai Jo Sab Ko Wo Dil Nawaaz Hai Tu
Niyaz Mand Hain Sab Aur Beniyaz Hai Tu

Zamane Bhar Ke Banata Hai Bigde Kaam
Kareem Saare Zamane Ka Kaarsaaz Hai Tu

(Iss Shane Karam Ka Kya Kehna) 2

Dar Pe Jo Sawali Aate Hain

(Iss Shane Karam Ka Kya Kehna
Dar Pe Jo Sawali Aate Hain

(Ik Teri Kareemi Ka Sadka) 2
Wo Mann Ki Muraadein Paate Hain

Ik Teri Kareemi Ka Sadka
Wo Mann Ki Muraadein Paate Hain

(Iss Shane Karam, Shane Karam Ka Kya Kehna) 2

(Khaali Na Rahi Rehmat Se Teri
Dukh Dard Ke Maaron Ki Jholi) 2

(Kya Tera Karam Hai Dar Pe Tere) 2
Bharti Hai Hazaron Ki Jholi..

Mushqil Ko Tu Aasan Bana Deta Hai
Har Un Chahe Ummeed Jaga Deta Hai

Taqdeer Se Ho Jaye Jo Bhai Juda
Us Bhai Ko Tu Bhai Se Mila Deta Hai

Din Raat Hai Mangton Ka Phera
Kya Khoob Sakhi Hai Dar Tera

Milti Hai Karam Ki Bheekh Unhein
Daman Jo Yahan Phailate Hain

Iss Dar Sakhawat Kya Kahiye
Pakke Rishte Teri Rehmat Se Jo Bann Jaate Hain
Kachche Dhage Se Bandhe Log Chale Aate Hain

Tu Mila Deta Hai Bichchde Hue Insanon Ko
Tere Andaze Karam Shaan Ye Dekhate Hain

Is Darr Ki Sajawat Kya Kahiye
Khali Na Gaya Mangta Koi

Muhtaj Yahan Jo Aate Hain
Wo Jholiyan Bhar Ke Jaate Hain

Iss Shane Karam Ka Kya Kehna
Dar Pe Jo Sawali Aate Hain


Qawwali is a musical form associated with the sama’, spiritual concert, of the Chishti Sufi Order. In its religious context it functions as a way to bring members of the order into a trance-like state that makes them more aware of their relationship with God.

The art is usually credited to Amir Khusraw (1244-1325), called the “Nightingale of India” for his contribution to South Asian music and literature.

Qawwali is usually performed with a lead singer and chorus, playing in a call-and-response style. These singers are supported by musicians playing percussion instruments, the dholak or tabla, and a sitar, a long-necked stringed instrument. In addition to the formal instrumentation, hand-clapping serves to emphasize the rhythmic structure and engage the audience.

While the music is the most recognizable part of a qawwali, the music only exists to emphasize and intensify the words. The most common poetic form to appear in qawwali is the ghazal, composed of several couplets.

A qawwali text may be narrative and/or didactic, but is most often a thematic association of couplets from various poetic sources that remind the listener of a relationship to God.

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