January 19, 2021

Freedom (Azaad Hoon) – Sheldon Bangera (lyrics video)

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The lyrics video for Sheldon Bangera’s song “Freedom” from His album, Your Name

Freedom (Azaad Hoon) – Sheldon Bangera

You are the One who rescues my soul
You heal my heart, you make me whole
I will turn my eyes towards Calvary
Where you bled and died for me

I will walk in your freedom
I am saved by the blood of Jesus

You are the Rock on which I stand
You make me walk, you hold my hand
I will turn my eyes towards Calvary
worship my God, my victory

Your blood has broken every chain
Your power has overcome the grave

Songwriters: Prince Robinson & Sheldon Bangera.
Translation by Sheldon Bangera and William Soans.

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