Eminem – Kamikaze (Lyrics)

Eminem – Kamikaze lyrics from the album Kamikaze (2018)

Due to the videos being made after the first listen of a song and a day or two after its release there may be some innacurate lyrics.

Out of all of the tracks on Eminem’s Kamikaze album, this is the track that may focus most on 2017’s Revival album that did not go over well with critics. As seen in this track, Eminem himself was not even happy with how it turned out.

He is angry though, that his album was so poorly received, and therefore wants to “crash into everyone”, even comparing Revival to the song “FACK,” a song widely regarded as Eminem’s worst. (wrriten by CartmansSon, yxng-nate, MinorityFam on Genius.com)